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Item Number: C8SR10-LSRLMCSU-Series
Brand: Emergi-Lite/Lumacell
Price: Call For Price     
Availability: Special Order
Description: Emergi-Lite/Lumacell C8SR10/LSRLMCSU Sortie steel exit signs are suitable for wall, end, or ceiling mounting. The one-piece steel construction frame and supplied faceplates come with standard knockout chevrons. LED. 120VAC/347VAC, 6v-24VDC capable.
Technical Specs: C8SR10  LSRLMCSU
Replaces: LPEX54-LER400R-Series, C8SR3-LSR23-Series, C8SR35-LSR2000-Series, LPSR300-LSR900-Series
Additional Info: CONTACT E.L.S. FOR PRICING.
Input Voltage: 120VAC/347VAC

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