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ELS Web Item Number: STI-13020FR
Manufacturer Product Code: STI-13020FR
Brand: STI
Price: $162.66  CAD each  
Availability: In Stock  Usually ships within 1 to 3 business days
Description: STI-13020FR Universal Stopper- These low profile or dome polycarbonate covers protect devices such as dual action pull stations, keypads for entry systems, intercom stations, emergency buttons, electrical light switches, duplex plugs, etc., without restricting legitimate operation. Indoor/outdoor capability. For other models available, contact E.L.S for pricing & delivery. Flush Mount- Horn. Red Fire Label. Dome. External Dimensions: 8.15 in H x 5.4 in W x 2.66 in D. Maximum protrusion is 4 inches deep. The STI-13020FR Universal Stopper has replaced the Mini-Stopper STI-6600
Weight: 0.47 kg
Technical Specs: STI UNIVERSAL STOPPERS  Dimensions

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