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ELS Web Item Number: C8ESPK-LEREOB12L-Series
Manufacturer Product Code:
Brand: Emergi-Lite/Lumacell
Availability: Not Available
Description: Emergi-Lite/Lumacell C8ESPK/LEREOB12L series are NEMA-3R Certified, Bilingual LED signs that are water, dust- and oil-resistant. They are designed specifically for industrial environments. The housing is made of grey fiberglass which is gasketed. The unit is suitable for wall or ceiling mounting and is designed specifically for wet locations and high abuse areas. Ideal for use in facilities required to meet current building code requirements such as airports or government buildings and institutions 120-347vac, 6v-24vdc capable.
Technical Specs: C8ESPK  LEREOB12L  LSRSOB12L
Additional Info: CONTACT E.L.S. FOR PRICING.
Input Voltage: 120VAC/347VAC

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