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ELS Web Item Number: ELA-6V-7.2AH
Manufacturer Product Code:
Price: $34.47  CAD each  
Availability: In Stock  Usually ships within 1 to 3 business days
Description: IDEALPOWER ELA 6V 7.2AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Dimensions: Length: 151.00 mm x Width: 34.00 mm x Height: 94.00 mm
Weight: 1.20 kg
Technical Specs: ELA6V7.2AH
Replaces: 860.0018, 860.0018-1, 2093, 80003, 80016, 80026, 80111, 12-561, 450989-00 Q7 , 451471-00 Q6 , B67, B68, BA0002, BA0002-1, BA0004-1, BA0005, BA0011, BA0014, BA0016, BA0044, BA0045, BA0062, PS-665, PS-670, SA670, SA672, SLA6-7, TP6-6, TP6-7.5, WP7-6, D672, DRYFIT A-200-1 , ELB0607, ES7-6, GC660, GC665, GC680, HE6V7.7, LCR 6V6.5, LC-R067R2P, NP7-0, PB6.70, PE6V6.5, PE6V7.2, PM 6-7.2 , GP672
Output Voltage: 6V DC

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